At the end of their studies at the IEP Madagascar, the students go to various sectors:


- The majority move towards the private sector to more than 40%


- Approximately one-third of leavers choose the public sector


- Just over 10% work in development NGOs


 More than 80% hold direct positions of responsibility for Master students (60% at the end of the Bachelor's degree) and almost half of which are in management positions or are self-employed.

 On a course of study, almost 10% of students continue their studies abroad (excluding mobility programs), mostly in France, but also in North Africa. Almost all choose to continue in the Political Science stream. Some are in sociology, humanitarian, economics ...

Among the universities of destination of the students of the IEP are listed: Paris I Sorbonne University, Paris XII UPEC University, University of Lyon ...


Andihasina Rakoto

Master in International Relations Chevening - University Exeter - England

Mickael Randrianirina

Chef of Androy Region


Mika Nirina Andriambelo

Master in Economics - Sorbonne


Karen Razanamaholy

Project Manager - Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Budget

Kanto Rakotozafiarison

Master in Humanitarian - UPEC Paris XII


Miora Harinavalona Randrema

Environmentalist - Ministry of Water


Anthony Randrianjafisolo

Technical and financial partner focal point - National Assembly

Richard Andrianavalomahefa

Development Manager - Havilla School

Fiankinana Razafindrakoto

Assistant Consular - US Embassy

Fanny Rahenintsoa

Contractor -

Transportation sector


Nantenaina Mahefarison

Business Manager - Consulting (ACEMGA)

Laura Mananjara

Civil Society and Legal Advisor - GIZ

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