Numerous activities are organized within the IEP, through the clubs:


 - CRI - International Relations Club


 - CPOP - Public Policy Club


 - CVIP - Culture and Politics Club


Activities include debates, lunch or dinner discussions, competitions, exhibitions and conferences, oratorical games, role-plays, visits and outings, themed shows, but also radio / tv animations with interviews and exchanges ... Among the greatest achievements of the IEP, the meeting with the two Madagascar presidential candidates in the second round (November 2013) is part of the CVIP program.


These activities, supervised by a teaching team, stimulate student life to develop specific skills, initiative, active participation and project management skills.




Internal associations bring together students to play activities that interest them: sports teams (basketball, sport), dance group, choir, group of English ...


Social activities are also undertaken by groups of students at various occasions of the year: christmas, winter ...


Finally, these activities are vectors of networks at national and international level, within the IEP community and all its partners.



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